Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

Actually, I think it's been just a couple of days. Ah, well.

The reason I've been offline so much is because I'm so damn busy. I overloaded myself with classes this year, and there's work, and driving Adele to and from school... I really want to keep on blogging because it makes me feel important, hehe.

Well, there's not much to say, really.

Just dropping in. I'll blog again if I have anything significant to say, I promise.

Oh right, I just remembered. I officially hate Tribe Twelve. I guess it wasn't Nightmare on Elm Street that scared Adele after all, I left that surreal "HELLOTHERE" entry up on my screen. You do the math on what happened next. Ah, well. She seems to be calmer now. She's just edgy as hell around that window by her room... ugh. Fuck creepypasta, Slender Man, and everything of the sort.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

And I'm Transformed into a Monster, a Giant; With No Heart, No Limbs, No Desire

...The title is from a William Control song. Because I'm painting it. I might post the painting to my deviantART, might not. For anyone who cares, search "Razor's Edge". It's a cool New Wave sorta sounding song. Even though he's as autotuned as you can get, it's still creepy as hell.


I'm actually meeting up with some guy I met on the internet. I think my life is turning into an Alternate Reality Game. I guess he's interested in my project. Anything other than that, though, he was all ambiguous about. If my blogging stops, file a missing person report, haha. He's climbing in your windows, he's snatchin' your people up, try'n to rape 'em so hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

But seriously, he seems like a normal guy as far as I can tell.

How long have I been blogging? Dammit, I lost track of time. Gotta study. To quote the ever-so-famous Gary Oak, "Smell ya later!"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mr. Widemouth Says Hello

/irrelevant title


What is the color yellow to a blind man's mind's eye? And light, and dark for that matter? If one was born without vision but can comprehend color, what does red look like when they hear it?



I get weird when I'm tired. Philosophical.

In other news, Adele is still scared witless. She sleeps with her light on in the guest bedroom, and has put a blanket up over the window. The tree always scratches the windowpane on windy winter nights... alliteration not intended. I can see how the Freddy Krueger-esque dead tree limbs would scare the kid, though. It's my fault, I suppose, so I hope she's better soon.
(Also, inb4 somebody tries to pretend this blog is all just a Slender Man story because of my obsession with him earlier in November).
Speaking of such matters, I've replied to your comment and sent an e-mail your way, Shiloh.


Happy December, everybody. I guess it's that time of year again... it started snowing in Chicago (how fitting), and there are Christmas lights everywhere.