Thursday, December 2, 2010

And I'm Transformed into a Monster, a Giant; With No Heart, No Limbs, No Desire

...The title is from a William Control song. Because I'm painting it. I might post the painting to my deviantART, might not. For anyone who cares, search "Razor's Edge". It's a cool New Wave sorta sounding song. Even though he's as autotuned as you can get, it's still creepy as hell.


I'm actually meeting up with some guy I met on the internet. I think my life is turning into an Alternate Reality Game. I guess he's interested in my project. Anything other than that, though, he was all ambiguous about. If my blogging stops, file a missing person report, haha. He's climbing in your windows, he's snatchin' your people up, try'n to rape 'em so hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

But seriously, he seems like a normal guy as far as I can tell.

How long have I been blogging? Dammit, I lost track of time. Gotta study. To quote the ever-so-famous Gary Oak, "Smell ya later!"

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