Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Which I Examine the Fear Incarnate

So here I sit in my advanced trigonometry class, my deep-voiced professor rambling about mapping trigonometric values or some such nonsense, half the class speaking loudly and unabashedly, the rest playing tetris on their laptop computers, a few actually note-taking. And here I sit, writing a blog that nobody reads.

I am here today, blogging instead of drawing graphs, because I want to discuss something without video logging it (since it turns out formatting and uploading is kind of a bitch to do).

Credit Joshua Hoffine
What is fear?

It's been described as one of humanity's most natural emotions. It is divided into different types - personal fears like dying alone, primal fears like heights and water, fears from experience, et cetera. I'm sure there are official names, but I will refer to them in my own way. In addition to this, there are different stages of fear. There's terror, a kind of paranoia or suspense, knowing that there's a monster under your bed. There's horror, seeing the monster with its fangs dripping flesh and blood and being too paralyzed with fear to scream. There's a sort of fight-or-flight fear, the adrenaline-kicking sort of rush.

Fear is there to protect you, basically. When you see something harmful or something that psychologically reminds you of something harmful, you fear it. When you expect something you fear, you become terrified.

What greater power would there be than to become fear, to paralyze anybody you looked upon?

This is possible.

I do not know how.

All I know is that I've looked fear in the eye, and I survived. Am I insane? I don't think so. But they do say the truly insane believe themselves normal. I don't really know what should believed anymore. I'll make more observations later. The bell is going to ring.

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