Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back Home at Last / Birthday Wishes / Hello Adele

Wow... so much that happened, and so little time to blog about it. I wish I got to make a "farewell" post before I left for Thanksgiving out of town, but, alas, there was no time to. So I'll summarize all that happened.

First off, the day we set off it was my birthday. I didn't get to see friends or anything, but I had a party-ish thing with my parents and James (my same-age cousin) before we left for the plane, which was a bit of a surprise (considering nobody else remembered and the family didn't say anything until then). My folks also gave me two CDs and a book - Danger Days by My Chemical Romance, You'll Rebel to Anything by Mindless Self Indulgence, and House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski - all of which to occupy myself on the plane ride. I've been wanting to read HoL for quite some time now, after all its mentions in EverymanHYBRID and all over the Unforums. I suppose I'll get around to reading more of it soon, but it's quite a chore to make sense of it on the plane. I did get a great idea while listening to "Planetary (GO!)" from Danger Days, though, and if I'm able to carry it out I'll post it when possible.

Well, I'm blogging a bit late now and that's because my parents and I went to pick up Adele the minute we got back. She's gotten taller since I last saw her... much taller than I expected a kid her age to be. I took her out for a hot chocolate for a while, and she seems happy as ever. Making lots of pop culture references she shouldn't understand and such.

That's about all that's going on here. I might tell y'all how Thanksgiving in the south was but that would be boring, considering the fact all I really did was sit around. I might elaborate later but this entry is running long. So until next entry, ciao.

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