Thursday, November 18, 2010

Long-Forgotten Fairy Tales

I had to get some sleep early today, because I'm planning on going to a film release at midnight with some people. So, knowing how much trouble I have sleeping even when I am tired, tried to force it around 8:00. I think it was around 9:00 when I managed to actually fall into a light sleep, in a sweaty-and-feeling-gross way more than anything else. I woke up at the last track of the CD I'd been listening to in order to lull myself to sleep, knowing nothing about what I'd just dreamt other than that it wasn't a dream, per se. It was more just... thoughts. A weird, crazy rush of nonsensical thoughts. And being pulled out of that world and into a half-wakened state scared the hell out of me. Since I was still half-asleep though, I managed to pull myself back under again. Haha, bad idea. Being a zombie tomorrow would be better than deciding to get that last bit of dream.
I don't remember much. I was in bed, I think. Trying to cover my head with the sheets, but they were always being pulled away. There was some unholy light piercing through the curtains.
And then there was Miss Daggertooth just as I had seen her as a child, in all my nightmares when I was six years old. Her tiny, beady eyes and her rows and rows of teeth in that mouth that just hinges open on the neck...
Oh jeez, I'm scaring myself again.
Maybe I'll explain later. Maybe not.
But there's little hope of me getting any sleep, good or bad, for the next few days.

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