Sunday, November 21, 2010

So You Want to Hear the Story

Miss Daggertooth visits children in their sleep. Her mouth is her whole head, and she devours children who have misbehaved. Her head, it's just round, like some fucked up Jack the Pumpkin King from hell, with two black beads for eyes and no nose. Her body is just black reaper's cloth, it's a torn dress, with no legs, she just floats in place, and her arms are long like the branches of a tree.

My dad told me the story once. I asked him about it today but I guess he didn't remember. He said, many years ago, that it was the Brothers Grimm. No way in hell. He made up the story, and it was more terrifying than anything I'd ever heard. Nightmares followed. My imagination was overactive, and because of that I sought out more. I liked terrifying myself, making up stories about Miss Daggertooth. I wrote in notebooks about her. Drew her everywhere. The more I dreamed her up, the more terrifying my nightmares became.

This is what we, as humans, fear the most. We fear not the things that can touch us, but the things that can't. We're afraid of the things we think up ourselves. You're not afraid of the bogeyman, or of the ghost, or the killer, or of Slender Man or Miss Daggertooth. You're afraid of all the things you imagine them doing when your eyes are closed at night.


I'm starting my... project soon. I don't know what the medium is yet. I liked to fancy myself a photographer but I don't even have a good camera. Drawings and paintings are too fake. Film would be nice but I've got the whole camera issue.
Any suggestions? I noticed one follower (Liam, I think you were called? And a Slender fan, too), so I know I can't be just talking to nobody here.
It's hard to talk about the project, though, without giving stuff away. Let's just say I'm really going to put myself into it... and you'll all be shaking in fear.

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