Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just got a call from David...

David is my older brother.
Well, apparently, David and Evelyn (that's his wife) are taking a month-long trip to Germany to see the sights and such. They'll be staying in Munich, and then to Stuttgart to meet with some of Evelyn's family members who live there. While I do wish I could go on such a trip, there is a plus side to them going. My niece, Adele, who's a really cool kid, is going to be staying with my family for the month that they're gone. The trip is planned for next week, so starting next Wednesday I'll be able to hang out with her for a while.
I've always wanted a younger sibling, really, but I've just had David who's ten years older than I am. So I guess I'll get the whole experience while Adele is staying with my family.

Until then, I'll keep my blog posted with the regular creepy stuff - I hope to start my new photography project sometime this week!

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